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  1. Name? Tijwanna Ketter
  2. Where are you from? Where do you live now? From Augusta, GA! I’ve lived in the Charlotte Metro area for the past 12 years.
  3. Do you have any kids? What are their names? One daughter, Madison. She is a total sweetheart!
  4. Do you have any pets? What kind? How old are they and what are their names? New pet fish, Jase!
  5. When did you start with Fulenwider? 2009
  6. What position do you hold now? What positions have you held to get here? I begin as an Administrative Assistant back in ’09. I have also been the Office Manager for the Charlotte Office.  I begin working as an HR Specialist in 2013 and was promoted to HR Manager in 2019.
  7. What are your hobbies? Reading, volunteering at church and chaperoning my 6-year-old social butterfly to swimming and dance classes.
  8. What do you do for fun? Visit my family and friends back in Georgia and grilling in the backyard.
  9. What are you passionate about? Faith and family.
  10. What is your favorite color? Red – Go Bulldogs!!
  11. What is your favorite place to visit? Anyplace that has a beautiful, sandy beach.
  12. What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done? Hiked to the top of mountain. Absolutely breathtaking.
  13. Who is your role model? My 94-year-old grandmother. She is honest, lives life to the fullest and has no regrets.
  14. What is your favorite animal? Cheetahs
  15. Did you go to school? Where? What did you get your degree in? Bachelor of Science from Albany State University. Master of Public Administration from Augusta State University.