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My first job at Fulenwider was my first official job ever – as a KFC cook at 17 years old. I moved from cook to cashier and began training as shift manager before realizing my passion for technology. I worked as a shipping clerk, and eventually, the shipping manager in a local textiles company to help pay for college. After college, I worked in advertising for a trade paper, creating display ads and maintaining the creative side of the network. I transitioned from advertising to computer technology when I found a technician role in a local computer sales, training, and service store. In 2000, and after much experience as the lead (and often, only) tech in the retail store, I accepted a technician position in the IT Department at Fulenwider Enterprises. I focused on bringing efficiency, cost-savings, and customer (coworker) service due to my experience in the retail setting. The technology leadership position opened in 2003, and I was promoted to Chief Information Officer in 2005. I have had the opportunity to travel, learn more about the restaurant industry, and help lead Fulenwider with its technology path since.